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How Much Should a Website Cost?

Short answer? It depends. One (loaded) question I definitely hear a lot when talking about online marketing with potential clients is: “How much does a website cost?” My response is usually something like this… “Well, how much money do you want to make from your website?” This exchange will reliably result in a brief moment of silence accompanied by a blank, …

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SEO and Content Marketing: Why They Both Matter

SEO and content marketing are in a committed relationship. The truth is there is no such thing as SEO without content marketing. Without creating and distributing content you have nothing to optimize for the keywords you want to rank for (hence the “O” in SEO). Without content, you have nothing to attract (or  build) links to which pretty much eliminates your chances …

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5 Google Analytics Reports You Should Pay Attention To

Google Analytics can be intimidating if you haven’t found your way around it yet, and consequently many business owners forego using it altogether. This is a pretty big mistake. Taking the leap and becoming fast friends with this incredible tool is the first step in understanding how and why your website performs the way it does, and gives you tremendous insight as to …

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10 Ways Your Website Can Work Harder For You

So, your new website has been live for a month or two now and you haven’t gotten one sale you can attribute to the website. What’s wrong? What happened?

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How to Budget for a Custom Website Design

If you’ve never been involved (either directly or indirectly) in a website design project you probably wouldn’t even know where to start to set a budget for one. Find out what to expect when you begin your next custom website project.

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Creating a Useful & Effective Mobile Web Site

In the ever changing World Wide Web, designers and web site owners are always trying to keep pace with users, making sure to give them the best experience possible. In the past year, internet usage on mobile devices is estimated to have grown more than 20%, and it’s not slowing down.

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Basics of Good Web Design – Creating Practical Websites

Ah yes – If i had a nickel…I’ll take mysteries of the universe for $2,000 Alex! So what makes a website a good website? Conversely, what makes a website bad? What’s the difference if my nephew Stewy builds my website or a professional agency? The answer is simple: there isn’t just one answer. Since design is mostly subjective and beauty …

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The First Impression: Your Website is Where It Happens

Fifteen years ago, the business landscape was a lot different, and so was your sales process. New prospects found you in the yellow pages and called to set up an appointment. You and your team went – clean shaven, suit and tie, fresh cologne. Why all the trouble? First impressions! Prospects size you and your business up in moments. Overcoming …

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