iTunes 9 and my iPhone

iTunes 9 and my iPhone

I’m sure i’m not the only one who is having this issue – and i know this because of the hundreds of blog posts and comments I’ve scowered trying to figure out how to get my iPhone 3gs to connect to iTunes 9 on my PC running XP PRO without completely freezing iTunes and rendering it completely unusable.

Ever since i upgraded my my iPhone software to 3.1 and my iTunes to, i haven’t been able to get my iPhone to sync successfully. I tried every single thing all the disgruntled people said they’ve tried thinking maybe, prayerfully, some how it would work, but nope. Nada – not even a glimmer of hope. Nothing, would allow me to sync my iPhone.

Finally, after spending two and a half hours troubleshooting today and feeling extremely bummed and pretty frustrated, i decided to try the only thing i could think of that i hadn’t already tried: run the diagnostics tests from iTunes.

It worked!

Not sure if this is the ultimate fix, or if it’ll even work the next time i try to sync my iPhone, but here’s what i did to get it to finally connect:

First, I uplugged my iPhone, closed iTunes (by closed i mean ended the unresponsive process) and then re-opened iTunes to run the diagnostics.I started the diagnostics dialog before plugging in the iPhone to get it ready, then i plugged it in and started the tests. Somehow, and it’s beyond me, but this actually worked! Maybe it’s a fluke, but i wanted to share just on the off chance it may work for someone else.

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  1. jimmydare

    Wow – not sure how, but that seemed to work. I had to do it twice, oddly, but second time around I got it. Hope it doesn’t make me do it every time. Anyway – thanks for posting.

  2. dan

    This worked for me too. It told me the sync test failed, but when I closed all that, iTunes was recognising my iphone and began to sync. at last!

  3. Cecil

    Awesome, glad it worked for you guys too. Maybe we’ll get an update that’ll fix this sooner than later. You listening Apple?

  1. iTunes 9 freezing when i try to snyc my iPhone 3GS – what worked … | Conceptguy10-02-09

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