Firestorm Logo 2015

Firestorm Logo 2015

Firestorm Logo 2015

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Firestorm’s latest logo revision for 2015

We wanted to refresh our branding for this year so we took our existing logo from 2011 and refined it even more to be cleaner, sleeker, and we think, a lot better.

We decided that we needed to have a logo icon that was more symmetrical to look more balanced in the various places we would be applying it (i.e., business cards, website, shirts, etc). So we settled on a hexagon for our base shape for several reasons. Hexagons are cooler than circles and our brand is a bit edgier so it made sense. But more specifically we chose this shape and design to reference our design and development aspects of the business. The lower orange angle bracket and upper white bracket are actually representative of a HTML tags (e.g. <html>). These angle brackets make up the tags that are the beginning and ending of web coding elements. We wanted to reflect that in our logo since it’s a large part of what we do.

The “Fenix”, that little falcon/eagle looking character in the middle, is our trademark icon. This little guy has evolved since the beginning to be our representative image. We chose a phoenix as our brand meme because of what it represents – new beginnings – and well, fire of course. We came up with the name Firestorm coming out of day jobs that drained our souls and we wanted to start fresh and come at our passions with a vengeance. So yeah it made sense.

We’re pretty happy with its evolution to this point, and we are proud to wear it. Hope you like it too.

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