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Inbound Permission Based Marketing

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What is Inbound Marketing?

“Inbound marketing” is a ubiquitous term that encompasses a wide variety of marketing initiatives and tools that you can use in your businesses’ overall marketing plan to increase awareness and drive leads and sales. When used properly, it is designed to turn a stranger, or brand new visitor, into a promoter and advocate of your brand or product.

The goal is to provide the right content, to the right prospects at exactly the right time.

Creating and marketing content your customers will love and turning your business into a lead machineInbound Marketing is really a philosophy based on earning permission to market to people for their attention rather than buying it. This is primarily achieved through the implementation of a content marketing strategy across your entire online presence including your website, blog, social media and others along with SEO and marketing automation and lead capture. It’s a highly focused method of using your website and online presence paired with valuable content to drive leads directly into your sales funnel. Once implemented, this strategy is designed to qualify, nurture and guide those leads through the sales cycle to convert them into delighted customers and raving advocates and promoters for your company.

The Right Prospects

The most important component of any content marketing initiative is identifying and understanding who your perfect potential customers are. Once we know who they are, we can discover an understanding of what they need to know, understand and be made aware of to answer their questions and ultimately make a purchase decision.

Aligning the content we create with our perfect customers needs, wants, desires and problems we naturally attract better visitors to our websites, therefore shortening our sales process and producing higher quality leads for our businesses. Additionally, we can provide our current customers with targeted content to keep them engaged and delighted happy to promote our brand.

we are trying to turn quality content into quality customers

The Inbound Marketing Methodology


 The Right Process

Attract – Successful online businesses know that quality traffic above all else makes or breaks your online marketing. Not just any traffic will do – you want the right traffic. What that means is you want visitors to your site that are likely looking for what you’re selling so you can more easily turn those leads into paying customers. Knowing who your perfect customers are, we can create and publish content that interests and engages your customers and really speaks to their needs, wants, desires and common problems they share to attract them into your sales funnel.

Convert – Now that we are publishing quality, strategic content regularly and are attracting our perfect customers to our site, we need to turn them into leads for our business. Gathering contact information from the these visitors via forms on our websites is how we get our first micro-conversion and enter them into our pipeline. By creating valuable and useful content assets such as ebooks, white papers, research, infographics, guides and checklists we provide the value needed for your visitors to pay you with their contact information.

Close – Providing value for your visitors builds trust and allows them to get to know and like you. Now comes the hard part – sealing the deal. Closing is always the hardest part of your sales process, but since you’ve already begun a relationship with the leads in your pipeline, you can follow up and reinforce your position and reassure them you’re the right decision. By using tools like email marketing, phone calls and analytics you can identify which of your leads are more likely to close and focus on them.

Delight – Here’s where it all comes together. Regardless of how our prospects found us, or where they are in the buying cycle, we want to provide extreme value to them. Continuing to engage with your customers and provide content that helps them in their life or business, will make them happy and want to tell their friends about your company; and actually become promoters for your brand.

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