Online Reputation Management

Protect Your Reputation Online

We help local businesses manage their online brand perception to avoid losing customers and losing sales

What About your Reputation?

Today much of your business relies on the online reputation of your service and brand. Online reputation management services at Firestorm Creative Studios are designed specifically to go into the world of search engines, social media, and review sites to find all the mentions of your service and brand and protect you against any type of fake interaction of the brand.

More Revenue

A solid reputation management campaign can lead to 5%-9% increase in revenue according to a study conducted at Harvard Business School. Those companies that take the time to enhance their online reputation will end up being more profitable.

Enhanced Credibility

79% of potential customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. People are going to trust what they read about you online thus making it imperative that your online reputation is strong.

Monitor Reviews

Unfortunately, it is easy for anyone to give you a poor review online thus damaging your reputation. By monitoring your reviews you will be able to clean them up so potential customers are only uncovering people who have had positive experiences with you.

Increase Trust

3 out of 4 consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more. If people trust your  company after their first experience with your brand online then they are much more likely to turn from a cold prospect to a long-term customer.

Competitors Are Stealing Your Business

You may not have negative reviews showing up online when  a potential customers searches for your business name or for your “business name reviews” to find social proof your company is a to solve their problems or desires for a product or service purchase. Maybe they just didn’t have enough positive reviews to convince those customers that they were the right option.

We’ve seen clients waste thousands of dollars on marketing, PPC or SEO all because they had negative reviews on the first page of Google (which kill conversions) or their strongest competitors  were just plain stealing their business because they have strong reviews and social proof letting customers know that they are less of a risk for them.

24/7 monitoring on social platforms & rating/review sites for mentions of your business. You’ll be alerted of positive and/or negative consumer commentary in real time. Protect your most valuable asset – your reputation.

If you have an online reputation problem currently, we can provide you the tools that will help you identify and easily bury them in various search engines.

We filter all the unhealthy user reviews or comments that might suspend prospective customers, with positive and smart reviews.

Brand name management services

Firestorm’s on-line name managing technique pushes down negative content, with smart image and credibility building, Search Optimized (SEO) content. Our online brand name managing services embrace SEO techniques that flood the front pages of search engines with positive content so that negative content is pushed to deeper pages.
Some services include:

  • Search engine dominance
  • Brand watches
  • Social media PR
  • Reviews and suggestions
  • Customer follow up
  • Negative-PR management
  • Brand support

If you’re ready to ensure you have a positive reputation when you’re customers search your name online, get in touch and let’s talk about your business.

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