Copywriting and Content Creation

Your content provides the value your customers are looking for when visiting your site. It’s the sole reason their on your site in the first place. If your content isn’t well written or lacks substance, then you can expect poor results and little to no return on your investment. Designing a website goes much deeper than a pretty visual design. Content has to be strategically written and designed to engage your ideal customers to inspire the actions you want them to take on your site.

Content Strategy

Your website should tell a story. It should engage and delight, speak to the conflict your customers face without your products and services and then show how you can resolve their problems. It should convince them that you are a trusted authority in your industry and the clear choice to do business with. Without strategic text, imagery and purpose you risk losing the trust you’ve worked hard to develop and are likely losing sales.

Copywriting for Websites

This separates the men from the boys. Your website’s copy – the written words or text on your pages – will be the difference between an effective website and one that hinders your success. If you don’t have a purpose behind the words on your site, and if that purpose isn’t converting visitors to customers, you’re already losing sales.


People love watching video. That includes your customers. Whether we are C-E-O’s or M-O-M’s we consume more video now that at any time in our history. Why? Because we are lazy as consumers, and video is way more engaging than text alone. Your customers want to watch your videos so market your business with video.

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